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Letter 1078

Darwin, C. R. to Harvey, W. H.

[7? Apr 1847]

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    Descriptions of the algae specimens found on the Beagle voyage.


– [Sends algae specimens collected on the Beagle voyage with descriptive notes copied from his Zoological diary (DAR 30 and 31). Specimens of three apparently distinct species of Nulliporae from the Falkland Islands are lost. Observations on the spore bladders and propagation of Nulliporae are described. It seems to CD that some species propagate like plants by runners. Three species which play a part in the formation of coral reefs are described in Coral reefs, pp. 9, 24, 42, but CD has already given these specimens to the British Museum. In Coral reefs he wrongly believed that flatly articulated Nulliporae were Halimeda.]

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    Dated by the reference in the letter to J. D. Hooker, 7 April [1847], to CD forwarding algal specimens to Harvey. It is presumed that CD forwarded these notes on or around the same date.
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    Harvey 1847 includes descriptions of some of the specimens from CD.
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