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Letter 10668

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

12 Nov 1876

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    Thanks for sheets of new book. Intends to talk about it at a scientific social club meeting.

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    Is amused to read CD's criticisms of his own style, as in the U. S. it is spoken of as being as faultless as his temper. Corrects a reference.


Herbarium of Harvard University, | Botanic Garden, Cambridge, Mass.

Nov. 12 1876

New Book, p. 4. foot-note.

The reference in last line to pp. 824 & 844, appear to be wrong—

For p.824 read 828

` 844 ' 845' if that is the one meant. But that is not a communication from you!

Dear Darwin

Many thanks for your prompt attention to my request. The sheets, to p.192 came duly. I wanted a subject for my turn at our private scientific social club (established when I came to Cambridge 34 years ago—in which I have had many a bout with Agassiz.); but fearing you had not got on far in printing or that I should not get the sheets in time to study them, I effected an exchange—and so shall be ready to give my colleagues another dose of Darwinism about the middle of December—by which time I hope to have all the sheets.

Consequently, my hands being full, I have as yet read only the introduction. This is far from dull. The dullness you deprecate I may find in the details of experiments and statistical matter—never lively reading for one so poor at figures as I am. Of course I shall give my best attention to the discussion which is to follow.

It is most amusing to read what you write of ``licking a horrid bad style into intelligible English''. Over here we are accustomed to hear your style spoken and written of, as being as faultless as your temper.

I am driving away at Synoptical Flora N. America and have just finished a monograph of our species of Asclepias

Mrs. Gray and I are very well and send united kind remembrances to Mrs. Darwin and yourself

Glad you are doing the Orchid-book over. You sent me the advanced sheets of the original edition. Better do the same with the new, and I can be early out with a book-notice of it.— That sort of thing I can now do only in snatches.

Sincerely Yours | Asa Gray

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