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Letter 1054

Darwin, C. R. to Studer, Bernhard

20 Jan [1847]

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    Much interested in BS's letter on gneiss ["Remarks on the geological relations of the gneiss of the Alps", Edinburgh New Philos. J. 42 (1847): 186–7].

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    Sends copy of South America.

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    Has shown that lamination of metamorphic schists closely allied with cleavage.


Down Farnborough | Kent

Jan 20th


I have been so much interested by a letter of yours, in the last Edinburgh New Philosoph. Joournal, on the laminæ in gneiss not having been formed as planes of deposition, that I have taken the liberty to send you a copy of my Geolog. Observ. on S. America, published last autumn on account of a discussion on this subject. If you read English I hope you will take the trouble to read from p. 162 to 168, in which I have endeavoured to show that the lamination (denominated by me foliation after a suggestion of Prof. Sedgwick) of the metamorphic schists is a closely allied phenomenon with cleavage.

With many apologies for my presumption in thus addressing you, I beg to remain with much respect | Your faithful & obedt. sert | Charles Darwin

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    f1 1054.f1
    Studer 1847b.
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    f2 1054.f2
    Sedgwick 1835, pp. 477–80.
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