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Letter 1034

Darwin, C. R. to Wedgwood, Francis

27 Nov [1846]

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    Instructs FW to send off a bundle of deeds which he holds for their trust.


Down Farnborough Kent

Nov. 27th

Dear Frank

Would you be so good (in accordance with enclosed instructions from Jos.) as to send to “Mssrs Hine & Robinson Charter House Sqr London”, the bundle of parchments which you hold for our Trust. Please to see that they are securely tied up & may I beg you, to send them by secure means to Whitmore Station & have them booked; please rather wait than send them insecurely.—

Will you enclose Jos' letter to Mrss Hine & Robinson.

Will you post mine to Mrs Hine & Robinson on same day that the parcel is despatched by Railway.

And lastly be so kind as to send < > on same day < >.—

I am really sorry to give you so much trouble, but the deeds are important & this is the only means to ascertain that they arrive safely at Mrs Hine & Co.—

Believe me, dear Frank, with kind remembrances to Fanny < >

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    f1 1034.f1
    The marriage settlement funds for CD and Emma were in a trust, of which Josiah Wedgwood III and Erasmus Alvey Darwin were the trustees. Francis (Frank) Wedgwood has endorsed the letter: ‘Sent by Rails as directed Nov 30 1846’.
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    f2 1034.f2
    Frances Mosley Wedgwood, Frank Wedgwood's wife.
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    f3 1034.f3
    CD's signature has been excised, which also accounts for the missing text in the letter.
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