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Letter 103

Darwin, C. R. to Fox, W. D.

1 Aug [1831]

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    Will send his insects and two or three from Henslow.

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    The Canary scheme takes place next June.

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    Is grieved WDF thinks him capable of telling falsehoods.



August 1st.

Dear Fox

I received your letter yesterday & sit down, according to your desire, to answer to the best of my power your questions.— Hope will not be in town during the time you mention, his direction is 37 Upper Seymour St. & I am sure he would be very glad to show you his cabinet, if you should at any time be in Town when he is.—

I am sorry to say I utterly forget both Stephens Christian name & direction but I should think you could find out his direction from his bookseller, which latter you can find from the covers of the British Entomology.— I have generally gone somewhere about 8 oclock: He is a very civil little man: there is one proper evening in the week, but I believe he has no objection to people out of the country calling at any time.—

I forget whether I mentioned to you that I have 2 or 3 insects from, either Mr. Rud, or Wailes of Newcastle, Henslow gave them in my charge for you, & I cannot recollect for certain the Donor.— I will send these together with my long promised lot (which I am afraid will not be so numerous as you might expect) in the course of a few days.—

The Canary scheme does not take place till next June. I am sorry to hear that Henslows chance of coming is very remote. I had hoped it was daily growing less so.— I shall in probability to go to Cam to pay my bills somewhere about the end of October, but I do not know for certain.—

I cannot end this letter without adding, how grieved I am to find that you think me capable of telling base, hollow & deliberate falsehoods, in no other possible way can I interpret your letter.

Yours sincerely, | Chas. Darwin

The man who made my cabinet is W. Edwards 29 Wilton St. Westminster. I advise to get one bigger than mine.— Mine cost 5£"10. & contained 6 drawers, depth, 1f"3. breadth 1f"7.—& whole cabinet stood in height 1f"4.—

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    f1 103.f1
    L. Rudd, Esq., of Marton Lodge, Yorkshire, and George Wailes, Esq., of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, are frequently mentioned as contributors of specimens in Stephens 1827--46.
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    f2 103.f2
    Apparently this was meant seriously. See letter to W. D. Fox, 6 [September 1831]. In LL 1: 205, where an excerpt from that letter is printed, Francis Darwin says in a footnote: `He [CD] had misunderstood a letter of Fox's as implying a charge of falsehood.' Fox's letter has not been found.
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