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Letter 1013

Darwin, C. R. to Librarian

27 Oct [1846 or 1848]

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    Orders Andrew Knight's paper ["An account of some experiments on the fecundation of vegetables", Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. (1799): 195–204] and J. E. Gray's book [Gleanings from the menagerie and aviary at Knowsley Hall (1846)].



Oct. 27th

Dear Sir

I will send by Carrier, (or bring myself) on Thursday morning, the Books in hand, & shd be obliged for vol. of Phil. Trans. for 1799, the Part with paper by A. Knight on Fecundation of Plants. Also a great work descriptive of animals in Ld Derby's menagerie.—

Yours faithfully | C. Darwin

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    The conjectured date is based on the publication of J. E. Gray 1846 (see n. 3, below) and on the assumption that CD would not need to borrow early volumes of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society after 1848 since he inherited his father's set. There is, however, no record of exactly when the volumes were moved from Shrewsbury to Down. This letter could not have been written in 1847 because CD was in Shrewsbury on this date in that year.
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    Knight 1799. This and other works by Thomas Andrew Knight were frequently cited by CD in Natural selection, Origin, Variation, and his botanical works.
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    f3 1013.f3
    J. E. Gray 1846. Cited in Natural selection and Variation. If the conjectured date is wrong then J. E. Gray 1850 may be the work referred to. Edward Smith Stanley, Earl of Derby, had formed a menagerie at Knowsley Hall, Lancashire.
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