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Dramatisation script


Re: Design – Adaptation of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin, Asa Gray and others… by Craig Baxter – as performed 25 March 2007

Matches: 2 hits

  • … is evidently sore about England . HOOKER:   127   [It is] very interesting and …
  • … 126  C DARWIN TO JD HOOKER, 16 JANUARY 1862 127  JD HOOKER TO C DARWIN, 19 JAN 1862 …

17 Spring Gardens, London


Darwin in London preparing for the voyage

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  • … Darwin is living in London persuading Fitzroy to accept him on the voyage and preparing clothing, …

John Lort Stokes


John Lort Stokes, naval officer, was Charles Darwin’s cabinmate on the Beagle voyage – not always an enviable position.  After Darwin’s death, Stokes penned a description of their evenings spent working at the large table at the centre, Stokes at his…

Matches: 1 hits

  • … John Lort Stokes, naval officer, was Charles Darwin’s cabinmate on the Beagle voyage – not …

'An Appeal' against animal cruelty


The four-page pamphlet transcribed below and entitled 'An Appeal', was composed jointly by Emma and Charles Darwin (see letter from Emma Darwin to W. D. Fox, [29 September 1863]). The pamphlet, which protested against the cruelty of steel vermin…

Matches: 1 hits

  • … 1981, pp. 475–6, Mackenzie 1988, p. 18, Allen 1994, p. 127.). The transformation was encapsulated in …

Review: The Origin of Species


- by Asa Gray THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION (American Journal of Science and Arts, March, 1860) This book is already exciting much attention. Two American editions are announced, through which it will become familiar to many…

Matches: 1 hits

  • … for the sake of brevity, Natural Selection.’—(pp. 126, 127.) ‘In order to make it clear how, …