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Agassiz, Louis. 1840a. Discovery of the former existence of glaciers in Scotland, especially in the Highlands. Scotsman, 7 October 1840, p .

Agassiz, Louis. 1840b. On glaciers, and the evidence of their having once existed in Scotland, Ireland, and England. [Read 4 November 1840.] Proceedings of the Geological Society of London 3 (1838–42): 327–32.

Agassiz, Louis. 1840c. Études sur les glaciers. Neuchâtel: Jent and Gassmann.

Agassiz, Louis. 1840d. On glaciers and boulders in Switzerland. Report of the tenth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, held at Glasgow, Transactions of the sections, pp. 113–14.

Agassiz, Louis. 1842–6. Nomenclator zoologicus, continens nomina systematica generum animalium tam viventium quam fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum disposita adjectis auctoribus, libris, in quibus reperiunter, etc. Soloduri.

Agassiz, Louis. 1842a. The glacial theory and its recent progress. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal 33: 217–83.

Agassiz, Louis. 1842b. On the succession and development of organised beings at the surface of the terrestrial globe; being a discourse delivered at the inauguration of the Academy of Neuchâtel. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal 33: 388–99.

Agassiz, Louis. 1844. On the classification of fishes. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal 37: 132–43.

Agassiz, Louis. 1845–55. A monograph of the British nudibranchiate Mollusca: with figures of all the species. 7 pts. London.

Agassiz, Louis. 1846. On the ichthyological fossil fauna of the Old Red Sandstone. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal 41: 17-49.

Agassiz, Louis. 1847. Nouvelles études et expériences sur les glaciers actuels, leur structure, leur progression et leur action physique sur le sol. Paris: Victor Masson.

Agassiz, Louis. 1848–54. Bibliographia zoologiæ et geologiæ: a general catalogue of all books, tracts, and memoirs on zoology and geology. Edited and enlarged by Hugh Edwin Strickland. 4 vols. London: Ray Society.

Agassiz, Louis. 1848. Nomenclatoris zoologici index universalis, continens nomina systematica, classium, ordinum, familiarum et generum animalium omnium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum unicum disposita, adjectis homonymiis plantarum. 2d edition. Soloduri.

Agassiz, Louis. 1849a. The classification of insects from embryological data. [Presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, August 1849.] Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge 2, no. 6: 1–28.

Agassiz, Louis. 1849b. On the differences between progressive, embryonic, and prophetic types in the succession of organized beings through the whole range of geological times. Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. First meeting, held at Philadelphia, September, 1848, pp. 432–8.

Agassiz, Louis. 1850a. De la classification des animaux dans ses rapports avec leurs développement embryonaire et avec leur histoire paléontologique. Archives des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles. Supplément à la Bibliothèque Universelle de Genève 15: 190–204.

Agassiz, Louis. 1850b. Lake Superior: its physical character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other and similar regions. Boston: Gould, Kendall and Lincoln.

Agassiz, Louis. 1850c. Glacial theory of the erratics and drift of the New and Old Worlds. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal 49: 97–117.

Agassiz, Louis. 1851a. Observations on the blind fish of the Mammoth Cave. American Journal of Science and Arts 2d ser. 11: 127–8.

Agassiz, Louis. 1851b. [Results of an exploration of the coral reefs of Florida.] [Read 1 April 1851.] Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Science 2 (1852): 262–3.

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