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Detecting Darwin


Who was Charles Darwin? What is he famous for? Why is he still important?

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  • … Pupils act as Darwin detectives, exploring clues about Darwin’s life and work. No prior knowledge …
  • … visual clues and concluding with what is important about Darwin. …

How dangerous was Darwin?


Discover Darwin’s dilemma and the background leading to the publication of a book that altered the course of scientific thinking. What was the impact of Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species? How were his ideas received in the popular press?

Matches: 1 hits

  • … Pupils explore the events that led to the publication of Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ and the …

Darwin’s scientific women


Darwin exchanged letters with women who were botanists, travellers, observers, writers, and naturalists. Find out about their lives and how they contributed to his research.

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  • Darwin’s letters shed light on the lives of some otherwise little-known women …

Darwin and slavery


Darwin was horrified by his encounters with slavery whilst on the Beagle voyage. Learn about the transatlantic slave trade through the context of his experiences.

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  • Darwin believed that the enslavement of people was barbaric and, like the rest …

Beagle Voyage


In 1831, aged 22, Charles Darwin set sail on HMS Beagle for a voyage that would change his life and the way that we understand the world. Find out about the adventures that he had during his five years abroad.

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  • … images, the activities give pupils an understanding of Darwin’s experience aboard HMS Beagle . …