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To J. S. Henslow   14 October [1837]


CD’s reasons for his reluctance to take the Secretaryship of the Geological Society.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  John Stevens Henslow
Date:  14 Oct [1837]
Classmark:  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (Henslow letters: 42 DAR/1/1/42)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-382

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To Charles Babbage   [June – September 1837]


At Lyell’s request sends his copy of Whewell’s History of inductive sciences [1837] to CB.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Charles Babbage
Date:  [June – Sept 1837]
Classmark:  The British Library (Add MS 37190: 322)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-358

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To Caroline Darwin   27 February 1837


Has just given a paper [on "Sand tubes"] at Cambridge Philosophical Society and exhibited some specimens. It went well, with Whewell and Sedgwick taking an active part.

Herschel thinks 6000–odd years since the creation not nearly long enough to explain the separations from a single stock.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Caroline Sarah (Caroline) Darwin; Caroline Sarah (Caroline) Wedgwood
Date:  27 Feb 1837
Classmark:  DAR 154: 51
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-346

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  • William Whewell , Adam Sedgwick , and other friends and acquaintances of CD. J.  F. W. Herschel’s views on Old Testament chronology were expressed in a letter