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From John Murray   6 January [1876]


At last, Expression is beginning to sell again.

Cooke has not yet decided on number of Variation [2d ed.] to print.

Author:  John Murray
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  6 Jan [1876]
Classmark:  DAR 171: 481
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10347

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To John Murray   15 November 1876


Is satisfied with sales of his books.

Did not expect Orchids to sell more than 600 or 700 copies.

Only bad item is Expression, which astonishes him, since it sells well in Germany.

Asks size of printing of Cross and self-fertilisation; thinks 1500 would be ample.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  John Murray
Date:  15 Nov 1876
Classmark:  National Library of Scotland (John Murray Archive) (Ms. 42152 ff. 306–7)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10672

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From Mary Treat   3 April 1876


Encloses Pinguicula specimens.

Believes she has found a new species of water-lily.

Author:  Mary Lua Adelia (Mary) Treat
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  3 Apr 1876
Classmark:  DAR 178: 178
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10439

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  • … J. B. Chevalier. Insectivorous plants. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. 1875. …

To Karl von Scherzer   24 January [1876]


Thanks for KHvS’s book [La province de Smyrne (1873)].

Discusses possible meeting.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Karl von Scherzer
Date:  24 Jan [1876]
Classmark:  John Hay Library, Brown University (Albert E. Lownes Manuscript Collection, Ms. 84.2 (Box 3, Folder 38))
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10364

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  • John Murray. 1871. Novara expedition. 1861–75. Reise der österreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in den Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859 unter den Befehlen des Commodore B. …

From Hermann Müller   16 February 1876



Observations on hive- and humble-bees. Perforating habits differ in different individuals of the same species.

Author:  Heinrich Ludwig Hermann (Hermann) Müller
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  16 Feb 1876
Classmark:  DAR 46.2: C61–2
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10396

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  • B. Cohen. 3 vols. New York: Columbia University Press. 1998. Cross and self fertilisation : The effects of cross and self fertilisation in the vegetable kingdom. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. …

From Ernst Haeckel   9 May 1876


Sends Die Perigenesis der Plastidule [1876]. Comments on CD’s theory of Pangenesis. Explains his own theory of Perigenesis.

Returns Webb and Berthelot, Îles Canaries; Géographie botanique [1840].

Describes work on 3d ed. of Anthropogenie.

Author:  Ernst Philipp August (Ernst) Haeckel
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  9 May 1876
Classmark:  DAR 166: 68
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10501

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  • B. G. Teubner. Variation 2d ed. : The variation of animals and plants under domestication. By Charles Darwin. 2d edition. 2 vols. London: John Murray. …

From Robert Caspary   17 December 1876


Thanks for copy of Cross and self-fertilisation.

Francis Darwin’s observation of nectaries in Pteris is most curious.

Doubts cross-fertilisation in the rare cases of two flowers on the same stalk in Victoria and Euryale.

Author:  Johann Xaver Robert (Robert) Caspary
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  17 Dec 1876
Classmark:  DAR 161: 123
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10726

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  • John Murray. 1876. Jackson, Benjamin Daydon. 1900. A glossary of botanic terms: with their description and accent. London: Duckworth & Co. Philadelphia: J. B. …

From Mary Treat   15 May 1876


Sends her article on Utricularia ["Is the valve of Utricularia sensitive?", Harper’s New Mon. Mag. 52 (1875): 382–7].

Proposes to write on Sarracenia ["Carnivorous plants of Florida", Harper’s New Mon. Mag. 53 (1876): 546–8, 710–14].

Author:  Mary Lua Adelia (Mary) Treat
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  15 May 1876
Classmark:  DAR 178: 179
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-10508

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  • B. Chevalier. Correspondence : The correspondence of Charles Darwin. Edited by Frederick Burkhardt et al. 27 vols to date. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1985–. Insectivorous plants. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. …