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Bowker, M. E. (1818–99)

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  • … Linnean Society. In 1872, Darwin wrote to his good friend J. D. Hooker seeking Barber’s …

Manderstjerna, A. N. H. G. A. von (1817–88)

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  • 1872; commander in the Balkan campaign, 1874–81; member of the Alexander Committee for the Wounded, 1886. Married Constance Jane Elizabeth Matilda de Rosen in 1860. She was the daughter of Baron Theophile Reinhold William de Rosen (also known as Gottlieb Wilhelm Reinhold von Rosen) of Estonia and his wife, Gertrude Rigby, and a second cousin of Joseph Dalton Hooker. Aide de camp to the tsar of Russia when J. D. …
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