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Darwin in letters, 1875: Pulling strings


‘I am getting sick of insectivorous plants’, Darwin confessed in January 1875. He had worked on the subject intermittently since 1859, and had been steadily engaged on a book manuscript for nine months; January also saw the conclusion of a bitter dispute…

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  • … .’ Hooker also directed some of his anger toward John Murray, the publisher of the
  • Instead of supporting her, he worked closely with Huxley and John Burdon Sanderson to draft an
  • Edward Emanuel Klein, a German histologist who worked with John Burdon Sanderson at the Brown Animal
  • to pay the costs for printing an additional 250 ( letter to John Murray, 3 May 1875 ). In
  • the book in the Academy , 24 July 1875, by Ellen Frances Lubbock: ‘in Utricularia they are
  • the form of a poem: From the Insects to their friend, Charles Darwin We are very
  • That ever you were born (letter from E. F. Lubbock, [after 2 July] 1875).   Back
  • further research on the effects of grafting by George John Romanes. A scientific friendship had
  • local vicar George Sketchley Ffinden resurfaced. In 1873, Charles and Emma Darwin and the Lubbocks
  • in parish affairs (see Correspondence vol. 21). Lubbock tried to bring about a
  • also you intended to slight him.’ Darwin assured Lubbock that he never meant to show
  • 24 December , Emma wrote triumphantly to the former vicar, John Brodie Innes, that a new reading
  • Darwin had hoped to arrange for the meeting to take place at Lubbocks home, High Elms, so that he
  • within the short time I can talk to anyone’ ( letter to John Lubbock, 3 May [1875] ). Finally it
  • despondent, yet benevolent man’ (‘Recollections’, p. 407).   Even scientific colleagues could
  • including one of his oldest and dearest friends, Charles Lyell. Darwin had learned of Lyells