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Origin: the lost changes for the second German edition


Darwin sent a list of changes made uniquely to the second German edition of Origin to its translator, Heinrich Georg Bronn.  That lost list is recreated here.

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  • … Asa Gray, Dr. Hooker, and Prof. Oliver.    Page 403, par. 2, lines 15–16, substitute for ‘If …
  • … 4th ed., p. 402. 40.  p. 401. 41.  p. 403. This substitution also occurs in Origin …



There are more than five hundred letters associated with the research and writing of Darwin’s book, Descent of man and selection in relation to sex (Descent). They trace not only the tortuous route to eventual publication, but the development of Darwin’s…

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  • … ’.    Endnotes: * Descent 2: 403: ‘When the principles of breeding and of …