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Darwin in letters, 1876: In the midst of life


1876 was the year in which the Darwins became grandparents for the first time.  And tragically lost their daughter-in-law, Amy, who died just days after her son's birth.  All the letters from 1876 are now published in volume 24 of The Correspondence…

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  • … had been criticised from quite a different angle when James Clerk Maxwell discussed the limits of …
  • … an individual would, when received by the Belfast merchant James Torbitt, become a weapon in a …
  • … which shall hunt it to the death’ ( letter from James Torbitt, 19 April 1876 ). Darwin beat an …
  • … to consider Torbitt an untrustworthy fanatic ( letter to James Torbitt, 21 April 1876 ). …
  • … Darwin sought the best medical care. On 30 May, the surgeon James Paget advised complete rest for …

Darwin in letters, 1878: Movement and sleep


In 1878, Darwin devoted most of his attention to the movements of plants. He investigated the growth pattern of roots and shoots, studying the function of specific organs in this process. Working closely with his son Francis, Darwin devised a series of…

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  • God looked at through natures phenomena’ ( letter from James Grant, 6 March 1878 ). Darwin
  • may hope for whatever he earnestly desires’ ( letter to James Grant, 11 March 1878 ). The question
  • February , Darwin was contacted by the Irish businessman, James Torbitt, about an ambitious project
  • to J. S. Henslow, 28 October [1845] ). He was aware of Torbitts ambitions, having corresponded
  • 1878] ). Further meetings were held with Farrer and James Caird, a member of the Royal Agricultural
  • your work in this case would soon be known’ ( letter to James Torbitt, 4 March 1878 ). The

Volume 26 (1878) available now


Investigating the movements and 'sleep' of plants, finally elected a corresponding member of the French Académie des sciences, trying to secure a government grant to support an Irish correspondent's attempts to breed a blight-resistant…

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  • secure a government grant to support his Irish correspondent James Torbitts attempts to breed a

John Lubbock


John Lubbock was eight years old when the Darwins moved into the neighbouring property of Down House, Down, Kent; the total of one hundred and seventy surviving letters he went on to exchange with Darwin is a large number considering that the two men lived…

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  • … for government money for projects Darwin supported such as James Torbitt's research into potato …