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Darwin’s reading notebooks


In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to read in Notebook C (Notebooks, pp. 319–28). In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119…

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  • In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished
  • used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwins letters; the full transcript
  • … *128). For clarity, the transcript does not record Darwins alterations. The spelling and
  • book had been consulted. Those cases where it appears that Darwin made a genuine deletion have been
  • a few instances, primarily in theBooks Readsections, Darwin recorded that a work had been
  • of the books listed in the other two notebooks. Sometimes Darwin recorded that an abstract of the
  • own. Soon after beginning his first reading notebook, Darwin began to separate the scientific
  • the second reading notebook. Readers primarily interested in Darwins scientific reading, therefore, …
  • editorsidentification of the book or article to which Darwin refers. A full list of these works is
  • 1820] in Geolog. Soc. F. Cuvier on Instinct [F. G. Cuvier 1822] read Flourens Edit [Flourens
  • 1830]— account of wild cattle Montagu on birds [G. Montagu 180213]— facts about close
  • Davy 1828] 31 An analysis of British Ferns. G. W. Francis 4 s  [Francis 1837]— …
  • Hist of Music [Hogarth 1835] Wilkinson Ægyptian [J. G. Wilkinson 183741] read [DAR
  • dConsiderations generales sur les Mammif. Isid. G. St. Hilaire. 1826? [I. Geoffroy Saint
  • Head [F. B. Head 1846] St. Johns Highlands [C. W. G. Saint John 1846] History of
  • Naturelle” (Cuvier Paper on Domestication) [F. G. Cuvier 1825] Agricolas Husbandry (to see
  • … (Gerard Hybrids [Gérard 1844]) Bought (read) G. St. Hilaire Progress de un Naturalist
  • 1724] Life of Wilkie [Cunningham 1843] & Chantry [G. Jones 1849]. Grotes History
  • 8] 1854 Jan 15. Seemans Narrative of H.M.S. Herald [Seeman 1853]. Feb 6. …
  • … [R. Owen 1855b] Brissons ornithologia 1760 124  [Brisson 1760]. Catesby Nat. Hist
  • 123  CD deleted this entry in ink. 124  CD deleted this entry in ink. …
  • Belcher, Edward. 1848Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S.   Samarang during the years 184346; …
  • Narrative of a voyage round the world, performed in H.M.S.   Sulphur,   183642 . 2 vols. …
  • … . Pt 1 of  The botany of the   Antarctic voyage of H.M. Discovery Ships   Erebus and Terror in
  • Beete. 1847Narrative of the surveying voyage   of H.M.S. Flyin the Torres Strait, New
  • Keppel, Henry. 1846The expedition to Borneo of H.M.S.   Dido for the suppression of piracy; …
  • … ——. 1853A visit to the Indian Archipelago, in H.M.S.   Mæander, with portions of the private
  • Macgillivray, John. 1852Narrative of the voyage of   H.M.S. Rattlesnake, commanded by the late
  • … … Together with a narrative of the operations of   H.M.S. Iris.  2 vols. London.  *119: 22
  • de la Société Géologique de   France  2: 91124119: 3a Prévost, Jean Louis and Dumas

St George Jackson Mivart


In the second half of 1874, Darwin’s peace was disturbed by an anonymous article in the Quarterly Review suggesting that his son George was opposed to the institution of marriage and in favour of ‘unrestrained licentiousness’. Darwin suspected, correctly,…

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  • 1874, the Catholic zoologist St George Jackson Mivart caused Darwin and his son George serious
  • pp. 98114, and Dawson 2007, pp. 7781. George Darwin's article on marriage In
  • to liberty of marriagein the Contemporary Review (G. H. Darwin 1873b). In this article, George
  • 76). Mivarts argument did not win general assent. Darwin was more struck by the comments on
  • The following quotations from Mivarts paper mention Darwin and George: p. 45: ‘Mr. Darwin, …
  • in the next issue of the Quarterly ( letter from G. H. Darwin, 29 July 1874 ). Darwin hastily
  • Murray would be likely to wish to circulate ( letter to G. H. Darwin, 1 August [1874] ). Darwin
  • he might be thought to endorse them ( letter from G. H. Darwin, 5 August 1874 ). He sent a second
  • protégé, and Huxleys reaction was savage ( letter to G. H. Darwin, [6 December 1874] ). Hooker
  • December 1874 .) A reply soon came from Mivart . 124 Gower Street | W.C. Dec 20th
  • of all the instincts of a gentleman’ ( letter from T. H. Huxley, 23 December 1874 ). However, …
  • letter : again, Darwin did not see this.   124 Gower St W.C. Dec. 24th 1874. …
  • sufficiently plain that I did not intend to attribute to Mr G. Darwin any personal slur but only an
  • an approving strainbecause a careful consideration of Mr G. Darwins paper has convinced me that
  • … | Yours very faithfully | St Geo Mivart T. H. Huxley Esq Sec R.S. &c &c &c
  • my intention than the wish to insinuate anything against Mr. G. Darwin personally. It never occurred

Darwin in letters, 1837–1843: The London years to 'natural selection'


The seven-year period following Darwin's return to England from the Beagle voyage was one of extraordinary activity and productivity in which he became recognised as a naturalist of outstanding ability, as an author and editor, and as a professional…

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  • The seven-year period following Darwin's return to England from the Beagle  voyage was one
  • the publication of the  Zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle , for which he described the
  • a family Busy as he was with scientific activities, Darwin found time to re-establish family
  • close contact. In November 1838, two years after his return, Darwin became engaged to his cousin, …
  • daughter, Anne Elizabeth, moved to Down House in Kent, where Darwin was to spend the rest of his
  • his greatest theoretical achievement, the most important of Darwins activities during the years
  • identifications of his bird and fossil mammal specimens, Darwin arrived at the daring and momentous
  • in species. With this new theoretical point of departure Darwin continued to make notes and explore
  • present in the version of 1859. Young author Darwins investigation of the species
  • the  Beagle  had returned to England, news of some of Darwins findings had been spread by the
  • great excitement. The fuller account of the voyage and Darwins discoveries was therefore eagerly
  • suitable categories for individual experts to work upon, Darwin applied himself to the revision of
  • third volume of the  Narrative of the surveying voyage of H.M.S. Adventure and Beagle. Darwins
  • and natural history of the various countries visited by H.M.S. BeagleAlso in November 1837, …
  • to the Society of 9 March 1838), had been developed by Darwin from a suggestion made by his uncle, …
  • Sedgwick, [after 15 May 1838] ). The new research Darwin undertook after 1837 was an
  • time, the parallel terraces, orroads’, of Glen Roy. Darwin had seen similar formations on the
  • roads of Glen Roy’,  Collected papers  1: 88137). Darwin later abandoned this view, calling it a
  • contemporaneous unstratified deposits of South America”, Darwin continued to defend his and Lyells
  • the publication of the Zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle  from February 1838 to October 1843
  • Fossil Mammalia , by Richard OwenMammalia , by G. R. WaterhouseBirds , by John Gould;  …
  • of publications. The beetles were described by F. W. Hope, G. R. Waterhouse, and C. C. Babington; …
  • classification (see Henslow 1837a and 1838; W. J. Hooker and G. A. W. Arnott 1836, 1841; J. D. …
  • 1837 and Cannon 1961). In the  Autobiography  (p. 124) Darwin says that before Origin  was
  • on the practice of systematists. As the correspondence with G. R. Waterhouse during the 1840s shows, …
  • the same, though I know what I am looking for' ( Letter to G. R. Waterhouse, [26 July 1843] ) …

People featured in the Dutch photograph album


Here is a list of people that appeared in the photograph album Darwin received for his birthday on 12 February 1877 from scientific admirers in the Netherlands. Many thanks to Hester Loeff for identifying and researching them. No. …

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  • … list of people that appeared in the  photograph album Darwin received for his birthday on 12 …
  • … 19 november 1878 Beek 124 Volkrijk Liebert M. (Marinus)  …

People featured in the Dutch photograph album


List of people appearing in the photograph album Darwin received from scientific admirers in the Netherlands for his birthday on 12 February 1877. We are grateful to Hester Loeff for providing this list and for permission to make her research available.…

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  • … List of people appearing in the  photograph album Darwin received from scientific admirers in …
  • … Died just a few months after the album was sent to Charles Darwin at the age of 53 …
  • … Geologist, Economist an Darwinist. Corresponded with Darwin and translated The descent of Man in …
  • … 19 November 1878 Beek   124 Volkrijk Liebert M. …