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Darwin in letters, 1837–1843: The London years to 'natural selection'


The seven-year period following Darwin's return to England from the Beagle voyage was one of extraordinary activity and productivity in which he became recognised as a naturalist of outstanding ability, as an author and editor, and as a professional…

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  • The seven-year period following Darwin's return to England from the Beagle  voyage was one
  • a family Busy as he was with scientific activities, Darwin found time to re-establish family
  • whom his work brought him into close contact. In November 1838, two years after his return, Darwin
  • in London and at the end of the year their first child, William Erasmus, was born. In September 1842
  • of thinking about the significance of John Goulds and Richard Owens identifications of his bird
  • be as they are (Kohn 1980). Between April 1837 and September 1838 he filled several notebooks with
  • This explanation of anew Geological Power”, as William Buckland called it (in his referees report
  • of Englandamong them Charles Lyell, Sedgwick, and Buckland (see the reports by Buckland, 9 March
  • of the  Beagle  voyage. With the help of J. S. Henslow, William Whewell, and other prominent
  • … . The work comprises five partsFossil Mammalia , by Richard OwenMammalia , by G. R. …
  • publications. The beetles were described by F. W. Hope, G. R. Waterhouse, and C. C. Babington; the
  • Towards the end of 1843, he increasingly hoped that William Jackson Hooker or his son Joseph might
  • Henslow, Jenyns, Waterhouse, and his second cousin, William Darwin Foxknew, as he said to Henslow, …
  • all crosses between all domestic birds & animals dogs, cats &c &c very valuable—' …
  • selection preserved from this period are the exchanges with William Herbert, Dean of Manchester, a
  • the practice of systematists. As the correspondence with G. R. Waterhouse during the 1840s shows, …
  • the correspondence about the vitality of seeds discovered by William Kemp of Galashiels in a

Darwin’s reading notebooks


In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to read in Notebook C (Notebooks, pp. 319–28). In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119…

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  • In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to
  • … (DAR 119) opens with five pages of text copied from Notebook C and carries on through 1851; the
  • used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwins letters; the full transcript
  • … *128). For clarity, the transcript does not record Darwins alterations. The spelling and
  • book had been consulted. Those cases where it appears that Darwin made a genuine deletion have been
  • arranged alphabetically, of the scientific books read from 1838 through 1846, but it was not kept up
  • to be Read [DAR *119: Inside Front Cover] C. Darwin June 1 st . 1838
  • 18327] contains all his fathers views Quoted by Owen [Hunter 1837] [DAR *119: 3v.] …
  • There appears to be good art. on Entozore 12  by Owen in Encyclop. of Anat. & Physiology [R. …
  • June /41/ [Herschel 1841] I see I  must   study  Whewell on Philosophy of Science [Whewell 1840] …
  • …  in muscles & bones of man & animals.— (Read) Buckland Bridgewater Treatise [Buckland
  • … [Fellows 1839] Catherine 48 Life of Collins R.A. [Collins 1848] Phases of Faith
  • 119: 4a] Lessings Laocoon [Lessing 1836] Whewell inductive History [Whewell 1837] …
  • … [Bell 1806]. Bucklands Bridgewater Treatise [Buckland 1836] Read half through Swedish
  • Rich d . 2 d . poor. Henry IV [ShakespeareKing Richard IIKing Henry IV ] …
  • 1841]. 2 d . vols. —— 30 th . Smollets William & Mary. & Anne [Smollett 1805].— …
  • … [DAR *128: 149] Murray Geograph. Distrib. Price William & Norgate 2126 [A. Murray
  • …  Hinds Solar System [Hind 1852] April 20 th  William Humboldts letters [K. W. von Humboldt
  • 7  Probably a reference to the private library of William Jackson Hooker and his son, Joseph
  • In February 1882, however, after reading the introduction to William Ogles translation of Aristotle
  • Notebooks ). 19  According to the  DNB , William Herbert provided notes for both
  • British Association for the Advancement of Science (1854). Richard Owen gave the same paper at the
  • is confused; the citation given is actually that of Richard Owens paper on Dinornis  rather than
  • 1848Memoirs of the life of William   Collins, Esq., R.A.  2 vols. London.  *119: 23; 119: …
  • by Richard Owen.  Vol. 4 of  The works of John Hunter, F.R.S. with notes . Edited by James F. …