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List of correspondents


Below is a list of Darwin's correspondents with the number of letters for each one. Click on a name to see the letters Darwin exchanged with that correspondent.    "A child of God" (1) Abberley,…

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Correlation of growth: deaf blue-eyed cats, pigs, and poison


As he was first developing his ideas, among the potential problems Darwin recognised with natural selection was how to account for developmental change that conferred no apparent advantage.  He proposed a ‘mysterious law’ of ‘correlation of growth’ where…

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  • a further complication to the example of cats, one observer, Lawson Tait, later claimed that it was
  • the book ( Variation 2d, 2: 322 n. 24).  By this stage Lawson Tait was a frequent and, as Darwin

Darwin in letters, 1876: In the midst of life


1876 was the year in which the Darwins became grandparents for the first time.  And tragically lost their daughter-in-law, Amy, who died just days after her son's birth.  All the letters from 1876 are now published in volume 24 of The Correspondence…

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  • … ). Darwin also had cause to regret his generosity to Lawson Tait, a Birmingham gynaecologist. …
  • Nepenthes , considered the morphological part of Taits work to betrashand thought the paper

Darwin in letters, 1875: Pulling strings


‘I am getting sick of insectivorous plants’, Darwin confessed in January 1875. He had worked on the subject intermittently since 1859, and had been steadily engaged on a book manuscript for nine months; January also saw the conclusion of a bitter dispute…

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  • … Darwin began corresponding with the Birmingham surgeon Lawson Tait, a specialist in gynaecology. …
  • … analogous to the spiral form of twining plants (letters from Lawson Tait, 16 March [1875] and …