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Darwin Correspondence Project

Samuel Tolver Preston


Engineer and physicist. Educated at the University of Aberdeen. Trained as a telegraph engineer and was employed on one of the Atlantic cable ships. After retirement, published Physics of the ether (1875), and several other works. PhD, Munich, 1894, with a dissertation on theories of gravitation. Author of papers on the kinetic theory of gases and on cosmical physics.



Nature, 3 May 1917, p. 190


BHGW: Biographisch-literarisches Handwörterbuch zur Geschichte der exacten Wissenschaften enthaltend Nachweisung über Lebensverhältnisse und Leistungen von Mathematikern, Astronomen, Physikern, Chemikern, Mineralogen, Geologen usw. By Johann Christian Poggendorff. 5 vols. Leipzig: Johann Ambrosius Barth; Verlag Chemie. 1863–1926.