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Anne Jane Cupples


Scottish author. Second daughter of Archibald Douglas. Married George Cupples in 1858. Wrote children’s books. Lived in New Zealand from 1891.

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Anne Jane Cupples (1839-1898) was a writer and the wife of Scottish writer and dog breeder George Cupples. Charles Darwin praised her writing, energy and role as populariser of science and champion of good feeling towards animals. In November 1870, Anne Cupples asked Darwin to write in support of a Government pension for her husband. In 1870 Darwin wrote to Alexander Strahan to back an application for financial support that Cupples had submitted. In November [1872] Anne Cupples provided Darwin with accounts of the expressions of dogs that howl to music. In 1877 Darwin wrote to the Literary Fund in support of Cupples’ work and to confirm her need.

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