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From C. H. Schaible   17 February 1873

London: | 101, Gower Street, | Bedford Square, | W.C.

febr. 17. 1873


I take the liberty of sending to you, here enclosed, an Essay “on the relation of Surgery to natural sciences” by professor Czerny, of the University of Freiburg, Baden, Germany.1

In the course of his essay the author speaks of the changes in the structure of the epithelium of mucous membrances ingrafted on superficial wounds, (pg. 13 & 14) and (pg. 15) he applies the Darwinian principles to pathological processes in the organism. Thinking that the essay might have some interest for you, I beg to present you a copy in my friend’s name.

At the same time, I beg to recommend to your attention a German work which, being little known at the present time, may have escaped your notice. It is the:



Dr. K. H. Baumgärtner,

late professor of the university of Freiburg (Baden)2

The work is accompanied by a large Atlas, containing a great number of excellent illustrations. There is a copy of this work & of the Atlas in the British Museum. I believe it is the first edition of 1839. There was another edition in 1841. The book is to be found in the Museum under the pressmark number 781. k.9. and the Atlas under number 550. g.21.3

I am, | Sir, | very respectfully yours | Ch. H. Schaible, M.D., Ph.D.

Ch. Darwin Esq. M.A., F.R.S. | etc. etc.. etc.

CD annotations

Top of letter: ‘Keep Expression’
Bottom of 2d page: ‘Cost 50s; | out of Print— posting cheque’ pencil


CD’s annotated copy of Vinzenz Czerny’s inaugural lecture of 14 June 1872 on the relation of surgery to natural science (Czerny 1872) is in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection–CUL.
Karl Heinrich Baumgärtner had been professor of pathology in Freiburg until 1862. In his study of the physiognomy of illness (Baumgärtner 1839), he sought to describe the physical appearances associated with different diseases.
A copy of Baumgärtner 1839 (shelfmark 781.k.9) is at the British Library. The atlas now has the British Library shelfmark 748.g.13. A second edition was published in 1842 (Baumgärtner 1842).


Baumgärtner, Karl Heinrich. 1839. Physiognomice pathologica, etc. (Kranken-Physiognomik). 1 vol. and atlas. Stuttgart, Freiburg and Leipzig: Rieger; Herder.

Baumgärtner, Karl Heinrich. 1842. Kranken-Physiognomik. 2d edition. Stuttgart: L. F. Rieger.

Czerny, Vinzenz. 1872. Ueber die Beziehungen der Chirurgie zu den Naturwissenschaften. (Inaugural lecture delivered 14 June 1872.) Freiburg: Fr. Wagner’sche Buchhandlung.


Sends copy of Vinzenz Czerny [Beziehungen der Chirurgie (1872)], which applies Darwinian principles to pathology.

Recommends illustrations dealing with expression in the Atlas of K. H. Baumgärtner’s Kranken-Physiognomik [1839].

Letter details

Letter no.
Carl Heinrich Schaible
Charles Robert Darwin
Sent from
London, Gower St, 101
Source of text
DAR 177: 48
Physical description
ALS 3pp †

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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 21