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From J. V. Carus   29 January 1873


Jan 29. 1873.

My dear Sir,

Again I trouble you   A new edition of the Expression of the Emotions is to be done1   So I beg to ask you, if you have anything to add or to alter or if you have in any way a particular wish.

There is a litterary notice, which I thought you might like to get. You mention that “Gratiolet remarks, whenever our attention is long concentrated on any subject we forget to breathe” (Expression, p 179).2 May I draw your attention (without interrupting your breathing) to an article of Nasse in Meckel’s Deutsches Archiv für Physiologie, Bd. 2. 1816. p. 1. “on the want of respiration during mental occupations”, which contains some observations of great interest, stating the same as Gratiolet.3

Hoping that your health may be pretty good I remain | Ever yours sincerely | J. Victor Carus

CD annotations

Bottom of first page: two crosses pencil; ‘77QQQQ 13’ pencil


Carus’s last letter to CD was that of 21 January 1873. Carus had translated Expression into German (Carus trans. 1872); a second German edition was published in 1874 (Carus trans. 1874).
CD cited Louis Pierre Gratiolet and Gratiolet [1865], p. 232.
In Expression 2d ed., p. 187, Carus is credited with the reference to Christian Friedrich Nasse and Nasse 1816. The Deutsches Archiv für die Physiologie was edited by Johann Friedrich Meckel.


Expression 2d ed.: The expression of the emotions in man and animals. By Charles Darwin. 2d edition. Edited by Francis Darwin. London: John Murray. 1890.

Expression: The expression of the emotions in man and animals. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. 1872.

Gratiolet, Pierre. [1865.] De la physionomie et des mouvements d’expression. Paris: J. Hetzel.

Nasse, Christian Friedrich. 1816. Vom Athmungsbedürfniss des Körpers zum Behuf der Geistesthätigkeit. Deutsches Archiv für die Physiologie 2: 1–25.


A new [German] edition of Expression is to be done. Has CD anything to add or alter?

JVC cites an article on cessation of breathing during mental concentration that supports Gratiolet as quoted in Expression, p. 179.

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Julius Victor Carus
Charles Robert Darwin
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DAR 161: 91
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 21