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From John Beddoe   [22 August – 12 September 1869]1

Professor Christison,2 | Arroquhar, by Glasgow

My dear Sir

Your letter has followed me hither, where I am enjoying a holyday—3 And by the same post I have received the result of the last examination of data—4 It is vexatiously subversive of my former inferences, & really looks very much as if the gradual darkening of colour were the real cause, or main cause at least, of the whole set of phenomena—5 Now that I have got a trustworthy amanuensis6 I will have the 35–45 women abstracted from the books which furnished the original data for my paper of 1863;7 and when I get the result you shall have it at once—8

Yours very faithfully | John Beddoe


July 13th 1863 to Aug 6. 1869
Women between 35 and 45
Single Married
Red Fair Brown Dk. B. Black Red Fair Brown Dk. B. Black
or or
Lt. B. Lt. B.
312 2 812 13 5 1412 2812 9512 60 2612
Total 32 Total 225
Women between 25 and 45
1112 1712 5112 44 512 23 8312 21812 31012 4212
Total 130 Total 678


The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letters from John Beddoe, 21 August 1869 and 13 September 1869.
Robert Christison.
CD’s letter has not been found.


Beddoe, John. 1863. On the supposed increasing prevalence of dark hair in England. Anthropological Review 1: 310–12.


Results of CD’s examination of data subvert JB’s former inferences. Will send abstracts from the data for his paper on colour of hair of single and married women 35 to 45 years old ["On the supposed increasing prevalence of dark hair in England", Anthropol. Rev. 1 (1863): 310–12].

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Letter no.
John Beddoe
Charles Robert Darwin
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Source of text
DAR 85: A13–14
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2pp inc , table, G.H. Darwin notes 2pp †

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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 17