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From George Bentham   7 May 1869

25. Wilton Place. | S.W.

May 7 1869

My dear Mr Darwin

You will receive from Mr Kippist1 two papers read at the Linnean Society which the Council have referred to you for your report with reference to their value for publication. I am very sorry that you should be bothered when you have so much valuable work on hand but one of these is Mr Spruce’s on the vesicles inhabited by ants in Tococa etc which has already passed through your hands about which we have some doubts and are anxious for your opinion.2 We have many important papers on hand which will tax all our powers to bring out in tolerable time and are just now printing a very long one of Spruce’s on the Amazonian Palms3   at the same time I believe that Mr Spruce thinks highly of this one referred to you and we should be very sorry to reject it if really good—but we cannot afford to print what is not so.   the other one on the fecundation of Duvernoya in S. Africa is very short   the chief doubt is about the illustration— a coloured plate would be an expensive matter4

Yours very sincerely | George Bentham


Richard Kippist was the librarian of the Linnean Society.
Richard Spruce had sent his paper to CD with his letter of [before 1 April 1869]. The paper, ‘Ant-agency in plant-structure’ was read 15 April 1869 (see letter from Richard Spruce, [before 1 April 1869] and n. 3). Spruce refers to the genus Tococa (family Melastomataceae).
Bentham refers to Spruce 1869.
The published version of Mary Elizabeth Barber’s paper, ‘On the fertilization and dissemination of Duvernoia adhatodoides’ (Barber 1869) had diagrams of the flower, but no coloured plate.


Barber, Mary Elizabeth. 1869. On the fertilization and dissemination of Duvernoia adhatodoides. [Read 15 April 1869.] Journal of the Linnean Society (Botany) 11 (1871): 469–72.

Spruce, Richard. 1869. Palmae Amazonicae, sive enumeratio palmarum in itinere suo per regiones Americae aequatoriales lectarum. [Read 21 January 1869.] Journal of the Linnean Society (Botany) 11 (1871): 65–183.


The Linnean Society Council wants CD to review two papers, with reference to their value for publication.

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George Bentham
Charles Robert Darwin
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London, Wilton Place, 25
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DAR 160: 162
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 17