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To J. D. Hooker   [18 September 1862]1

Cliff Cottage | Bournemouth

Thursday Evening

My dear Hooker

Thanks for your pleasant note, which told me much news, & upon the whole good of yourselves.2 You will be awfully busy for a time; but I write now to say that if you think it really worth while to send me a few Dielytra or other Fumariaceous plant (which I have already tried in vain to find here) in a little tin Box, I will try & trace vessels;3 but please observe, I do not know that I shall have time, for I have just become wonderfully interested in experimenting on Drosera with poisons &c.—4 If you send any Fumariaceous plant, send, if you can, also 2 or 3 single Balsams.— After writing to you5 I looked at vessels of ovary of a Sweet Pea, & from this & other cases, I believe that in ovary the mid-rib vessel alone gives homologies & that the vessels on the edge of the carpel-leaf often run into wrong bundle, just like those on sides of sepals. Hence I look in Crucifers that the ovarium consists of two pistils;


A A being the midrib vessels; & B B being those formed of the vesses on edges of the two carpels run together & going to wrong bundles.— I came to this conclusion before receiving your letter. I wonder why Asa Gray will not believe in the quaternary arrangement;6 I had fancied that you saw some great difficulty in the case, & that made me think that my notion must be wrong.

I have been thinking of Cambridge, for a few days, & your going is an immense temptation, but I very much fear I shall not be strong enough;7 I have had headach half every day with my stomach intolerably bad.—

Farewell; hearty thanks for your note | C. Darwin


The date is established by Hooker’s endorsement; the Thursday preceding 20 September 1862 was 18 September.
CD refers to the meeting in Cambridge in October 1862 of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.


Thanks for JDH’s letter [3725].

Has become interested in experimenting on Drosera.

Observations on the ovaria of Cruciferae.

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Charles Robert Darwin
Joseph Dalton Hooker
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DAR 115: 160
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 10