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From Daniel Oliver   [before 8 November 1861]1

Royal Gardens Kew

References relative to Orchid structure & fertilisation. &c On vascular bundles of Column Link. Bot. Zeit. 1849. 7452 Mohl. Nachträgliche Beobachtungen über die Sexualorgane &c. der Orchideen von R. Brown Regensburg Bot. Zeit. 1832. 673.3 Ménière. Fecundation of Catasetum. Bull. Soc. Bot. de France. i. 3674 Baillon, on ditto. p. 285.5 Guépin. on do. Ann. Soc. Linn. d’Angers. vol. i.6 Ménière. on Secretion of a liquid by the glandular organ of Coryanthes. Bull. Soc. Bot. ii. 351.7 Fermond. On fertilisation of Iris independt. of wind & insect-agency. Bot. Zeit.

1841. 2048 & Journ. d. Pharmacie 1840. 751.9 Wiegmann. Über d. Unfruchtbarkeit bei den Bastardpflanzen. Bot. Zeit. 1839. 703.10

(Cause of infertility to be sought only in the pollen, &c.—)

CD annotations

8.1 Fermond.... 751. 8.2] double scored brown crayon
9.1 Wiegmann.... 703.] crossed ink


Dated by the fact that CD was working on Orchids during the latter part of 1861 (see Journal; Appendix II) and by his statement in the letter to J. D. Hooker, 8 November [1861], that he would be anxious to see Link’s article in the Botanische Zeitung (Link 1849).
Mohl trans. 1832.
Ménière 1855.


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Orchids: On the various contrivances by which British and foreign orchids are fertilised by insects, and on the good effects of intercrossing. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. 1862.

Wiegmann, A. F. A. 1839. [Über die Unfruchtbarkeit bei den Bastardpflanzen.] Flora oder allgemeine botanische Zeitung 22 (1839): 703.


List of references on orchid structure and fertilisation.

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Daniel Oliver
Charles Robert Darwin
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DAR 104: 225–6
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