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From S. P. Woodward   [after 4 June 1856]1

p. 399.2 Vitrina limpida, Gould— Lake Superior ill-distinguished from the British sp. See also. V. Angelicæ of Greenland.

Marine shells of New England ill-distinguishable from British p. 358.

Psammobia fusca = Tellina solidula var?

———— sordida = calcaria?

Cryptodon flexuosus Brit. = C. Gouldii, Phil. of Greenland & US.

Lima sulcata, Leach of Arctic seas & US probably same as L: subauriculata Mont.

Terebratulina caput-serpentis Brit = T. septentrionalis, Couth. Mass.

Cancellaria buccinoides, Couth. Mass. = C. viridula, Müll. Norway.

Trichotropis conica, Möll Greenland = var. of T. Borealis Brit.

CD annotations

Left margin: ‘22’3 brown crayon
Bottom of page: ‘Note given me by Woodward cases of representative shells doubtful whether vars or species— not many if any such cases in Mediterranean’ pencil


Dated by the relationship to the letter to S. P. Woodward, [after 4 June 1856]. This note supplements the answers given by Woodward on the manuscript of the letter to S. P. Woodward, [after 4 June 1856] (see CD’s annotations).
The page references are to Woodward 1851–6, where most of the species noted are referred to. The general argument in Woodward 1851–6, 3: 398–9, also alluded to on p. 358, was that the Canadian lakes contain a few freshwater molluscs identical, or nearly identical, to European species. Woodward proposed that these species ‘strengthen the evidence … of a land-way across the north Atlantic having remained till after the epoch of the existing animals and plants.’ (p. 398).
The number of CD’s portfolio of notes dealing mainly with palaeontology and extinction.


Woodward, Samuel Pickworth. 1851–6. A manual of the Mollusca; or, a rudimentary treatise of recent and fossil shells. 3 pts. London. [Vols. 6,8,9]


Note on cases of representative shells that are not clearly either varieties or species.

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Samuel Pickworth Woodward
Charles Robert Darwin
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DAR 205.9: 403
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Amem 1p †

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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 6