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Darwin Correspondence Project

To Japetus Steenstrup   7 September [1854]

Down Farnborough Kent

Sept. 7th.

Dear Sir

As you formerly were very kind in sending me so many valuable fossil cirripedes, I am anxious to make some, though a very inadequate return.— I shall, therefore, in the hope that they may be worth accepting by the Copenhagen Museum, put up some cirripedes, about 77 species in number, as in the annexed list.1 These species are all named, with the localities in most cases attached. Some of them are very rare, but most are common species. Of the latter I have included several varieties, which are 〈pe〉rhaps the most useful part of the small collection offered. As you are a member of the Ray Socy. I do not offer to send a copy of my last volume, now completed; for as I am under obligation to many naturalists, who are not members, & I wish to send them copies.— As I know that you have not time to answer letters, I will assume that you will be willing to accept my small offering, which I wish was better, & will send the small box, as soon as I can find out the best way of forwarding it.

With much respect, I remain, dear Sir | Your faithful servant | Charles Darwin


Mus. Copenhagen

1 Balanus flosculus & var. sordidus

2 ——— navicula2

3 ——— calceolus

4 ——— tintinnabulum (4 vars.)3

5 ——— improvisus (. vars.)4

6 ——— crenatus vars.

7 ——— balanoides vars.5

8 ——— eburneus

9 ——— lævis vars.

10. ——— trigonus

11 ——— tulipiformis6

12 ——— Capensis7

13. ——— nigrescens8

14 ——— Hameri9

15. ——— psittacus10

16. ——— amaryllis11

17 ——— spongicola

18 ——— vestitus12

19 ——— perforatus (vars.)13

20 ——— amphitrite (vars.)14

21. ——— porcatus15

22 Balanus concavus16

23. ——— dolosus17

24. ——— unguiformis18

25. ——— inclusus (vars)19

26. Acasta spongites

27. ——— purpurata

28. ——— cyathus

29. ——— sulcata

30. ——— lavigata20

31. ——— glans21

32 Elminius plicatus

33. ——— simplex

34. ——— Kingii

35. ——— modestus22

36. Tetraclita porosa

37 ——— vitiata

38 ——— purpurascens

39. ——— rosea

40 ——— serrata

41. Pyrgoma Anglicum23

42 ——— grande24

43. ——— milleporæ25

44. ——— crenatum26

45. ——— monticulariæ27

46 Creusia spinulosa vars. 1, 2, 4, 6.

47 Chelonobia testudinaria28

48 ——— caretta

49. ——— patula x

50. Platylepas bissexlobata29

51. ——— decorata

52. Chthamalus stellatus (vars)

53. ——— fissus

54. ——— antennatus

55. ——— dentatus var.

56. ——— scabrosus30

57. ——— cirratus

58. Chamæsipho columna

59. ——— scutelliformis31

60. Octomeris angulosa

61. Catophragmus polymerus32


62. Verruca Stromia33

63. ——— lævigata


64 Lepas anatifera

65 ——— Hillii

66 ——— anserifera

67 ——— pectinata

68 ——— australis

69 ——— fascicularis34

70 Poecilasma Kaempferi

71 ——— aurantia

72 Oxynaspis celata

73 Ibla quadrivalvis

74 Scalpellum Peronii35

75 Pollicipes cornucopia36

76. ——— mitella37

77. Lithotrya dorsalis


This letter was published in Correspondence vol. 5 without the enclosure, which was later discovered in the Natural History Museum of Denmark. The specimens that CD sent to Steenstrup are still in the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen (see Henry and McLaughlin 1986, p. 4), which is now part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.
Balanus navicula is a synonym of Conopea navicula.
Balanus tintinnabulum is a synonym of Megabalanus tintinnabulum.
Balanus improvisus is a synonym of Amphibalanus improvisus.
Balanus balanoides is a synonym of Semibalanus balanoides.
Balanus tulipiformis is a synonym of Megabalanus tulipiformis.
Balanus capensis is a synonym of Austromegabalanus cylindricus.
Balanus nigrescens is a synonym of Austromegabalanus nigrescens.
Balanus hameri is a synonym of Chirona hameri.
Balanus psittacus is a synonym of Austromegabalanus psittacus.
Balanus amaryllis is a synonym of Striatobalanus amaryllis.
Balanus vestitus is a synonym of Notobalanus vestitus.
Balanus perforatus is a synonym of Perforatus perforatus.
Balanus amphitrite is a synonym of Amphibalanus amphitrite.
Balanus porcatus is a synonym of Balanus balanus.
Balanus concavus is a synonym of Concavus concavus.
Balanus dolosus is a synonym of Actinobalanus dolosus.
Balanus unguiformis is a synonym of Chirona unguiformis.
Balanus inclusus is a synonym of Actinobalanus inclusus.
Acasta laevigata is a synonym of Neoacasta laevigata.
Acasta glans is a synonym of Neoacasta glans.
Elminius modestus is a synonym of Austrominius modestus.
Pyrgoma anglicum is a synonym of Megatrema anglicum.
Pyrgoma grande is a synonym of Nobia grandis.
Pyrgoma milleporae is a synonym of Neotrevathana elongata.
Pyrgoma crenatum is a synonym of Savignium crenatum.
Pyrgoma monticulariae is a synonym of Hoekia monticulariae.
Chelonobia is an alternate spelling of Chelonibia (see W. A. Newman 1993, p. 419 n. 6).
Platylepas bissexlobata is a synonym of Platylepas hexastylos.
Chthamalus scabrosus is a synonym of Notochthamalus scabrosus.
Chamaesipho scutelliformis is a synonym of Chinochthamalus scutelliformis.
Catophragmus polymerus is a synonym of Catomerus polymerus.
Verruca stromia is a misspelling of Verruca stroemia.
Lepas fascicularis is a synonym of Dosima fascicularis.
Scalpellum peronii is a synonym of Smilium peronii.
Pollicipes cornucopia is a synonym of Pollicipes pollicipes.
Pollicipes mitella is a synonym of Capitulum mitella.


Offers to send collection of cirripedes to Copenhagen Museum in return for assistance in his research. Mentions publication of Living Cirripedia, vol. 2.

Letter details

Letter no.
Charles Robert Darwin
Johannes Japetus Smith (Japetus) Steenstrup
Sent from
SP 7 1854
Source of text
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen (NKS 3460 4to); Natural History Museum of Denmark
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 24 (Supplement)