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From R. F. Cooke   12 June 1880

50A, Albemarle St. | W.

June 12. 1880

My dear Sir

Mr Murray gives his consent with much pleasure to Mr Charles in regard to the Extracts he wishes to make from The Naturalists Voyage.1

The Electros from “Climbing Plants” were sent to Mr Dallas on Thursday.2

We will do up a few copies of the reprint of “Forms of Flowers” & send you a copy, but it wd. be unwise to send one to Nature at present if they were to notice it, because we should have to take back any copies remaining in the hands of the booksellers.3

Yours faithfully | Robt. Cooke

Chas. Darwin Esq


In his letter to John Murray, 11 June 1880, CD asked for permission for Robert Fletcher Charles to publish extracts from Journal of researches (1860) in his textbooks (Charles ed. 1880–3).
See letter to John Murray, 9 June 1880 and n. 2. CD had asked Murray to provide illustrations from Climbing plants 2d ed. for an article by Francis Darwin on climbing plants (F. Darwin 1880c) in the Popular Science Review, which was edited by William Sweetland Dallas.
In the letter to John Murray, 9 June 1880, CD had asked for copies of Forms of flowers 2d ed. to be sent to himself, the journal Nature and the Linnean Society. It was an accepted practice for publishers to replace existing editions when a new edition appeared; see, for example, the Bookseller, 28 October 1861, p. 575.


Charles, Robert Fletcher, ed. [1880–3.] Relfe Brothers’ model reading-books: narrative and descriptive, in prose and verse, for use in schools. With notes and introduction by R.F. Charles. 4 vols. London: Relfe Brothers.

Climbing plants 2d ed.: The movements and habits of climbing plants. 2d edition. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. 1875.

Darwin, Francis. 1880d. Climbing plants. Popular Science Review 19: 213–29.

Forms of flowers 2d ed.: The different forms of flowers on plants of the same species. 2d edition. By Charles Darwin. London: John Murray. 1880.

Journal of researches (1860): Journal of researches into the natural history and geology of the countries visited during the voyage of HMS Beagle around the world, under the command of Capt. FitzRoy RN. By Charles Darwin. Reprint edition. London: John Murray. 1860.


Matters related to Climbing plants

and reprint [1880] of Forms of flowers.

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Robert Francis Cooke; John Murray
Charles Robert Darwin
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London, Albemarle St, 50a
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DAR 171: 505
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