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Darwin Correspondence Project

From V. H. Darwin   12 April [1879]1

2. Park Villas. | North Str. | Derby—

Sat. Apr. 12.

My dear Cousin.

How kind you are to write to me so much at length.2 I am anxious to spare you trouble, and assure you that the merest Postcard will be enough if necessary— It must be quite distracting to have to arrange all the letters from your various clients on the subject in hand—but it is curious how facts and documents come forth when really wanted, and I am charmed to hear you found that box, and also that you have a family Photographer.3

The print of Dr. Darwin belongs to Reginald, not to me. I bought it for him last year, and I thought that of course, as it is by a Wedgwood, you would possess one at least of the engravings.4

Wright made three portraits of Dr. D. & all were engraved—but it stands first for beauty of execution and faithful pleasing likeness—5

Thank you much for so kindly wishing to see me— I am one of those home keeping country mice that hardly ever go to London— If I should do so, it would be the greatest pleasure to call on you and I would make a point of it.

With kind regards to Mrs. Darwin | Believe me | Your affecte. Cousin— | Violetta H. Darwin


The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from V. H. Darwin, 9 April 1879.
CD’s letter has not been found.
CD had found letters from Erasmus Darwin (1731–1802) and others in Robert Waring Darwin’s deeds box; Leonard Darwin was a photographer (see letter to Reginald Darwin, 8 April 1879 and nn. 2 and 4).
CD had asked to borrow Reginald Darwin’s copy of the print of Erasmus Darwin engraved by John Allen Wedgwood (see letter to Reginald Darwin, 8 April 1879 and n. 3).
For Joseph Wright’s portraits of Erasmus Darwin, see M. Keynes 1994.


Keynes, Milo. 1994. Portraits of Dr Erasmus Darwin, F.R.S., by Joseph Wright, James Rawlinson and William Coffee. Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 48: 69–84.


Discusses material for Erasmus Darwin including an engraved portrait by Joseph Wright.

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Violetta Harriot Darwin
Charles Robert Darwin
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DAR 99: 166
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ALS 2pp

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