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Letter 30

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, C. S.

8 Apr [1826]

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    CD is studying the Bible, likes the gospels best.

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    Glad he stayed for T. C. Hope's lectures on electricity.

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    Is running short of funds.



April 8th

My dear Caroline

I dare say I shall not be able to finish this letter, but I cannot help writing to thank you for your very nice and kind letter. It makes me feel how very ungrateful I have been to you for all the kindness and trouble you took for me when I was a child. Indeed I often cannot help wondering at my own blind Ungratefulness. I have tried to follow your advice about the Bible, what part of the Bible do you like best? I like the Gospels. Do you know which of them is generally reckoned the best? Do write to me again soon, for you do not know how I like receiving such letters as yours. The weather has been very pleasant for these few last days, but nevertheless I long to return very much. Dr. Hope has been giving some very good Lectures on Electricity &c. and I am very glad I stayed for them. The Classes are beginning to thin. I think I shall stay about nine days or a fortnight longer. But as my money will not last out for the latter period I should be much obliged if my Father would send up a £5 or £10 pound bill. I should also be much obliged if it could be sent up directly: as you will not receive this letter for three days, and I get the answer in another three.

I hope Eras. has got his books safely, let me know in the next letter, as I mean to go as far as Glasgow by the canals and from thence on ``terra firma'' to Shrewsbury, but sending my books per sea. How shockingly untidy this letter is, but I think you have a sympathy for untidiness, not that I mean to say that yours are half as bad as this.

I will send my next and last John Bull to Shrewsbury for your edification. I hope you received the last and studied it well. I said in the beginning of this very tidy epistle that I never should be able to finish it, which is now verified.

Love to all. Do not show this. | Your affect., Dear Caroline | Charles Darwin

Nota Benè. I do not so very much care about the money, as what I have will last for nine days: not long after which I hope to be in Shrewsbury. Anyhow let somebody write soon that there may be no mistake, as I will if I receive the money. Direct as formerly to Mrs. Mackays, 11 Lothian St.

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    The copy is dated 1828, but the letter is clearly an answer to the letter from Caroline Darwin, [22 March 1826].
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