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Letter 12416

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

12 Jan 1880

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    Sends some cotton seeds for CD.


Herbarium of Harvard University, | Botanic Garden, Cambridge, Mass.

Jany 12 1880.

My Dear Darwin

So you want some cotton-seeds! I sent south for them, & here will be all you need, but you can have more. Two-kinds; those in the copious white wool probably last. That is ``Green-seed'' from Alabama. The other is sea-island.

The Man who sent the seed has heard of ``Nine Cotton'', of which he once had a few seeds ``sent from England'' and he wants more—to grow. Now you ask $Hooker$ if he knows of such a thing, and can get hold of some for this southern planter,—& will send by post hither.

Ever Yours | Asa Gray

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