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Letter 10880

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

6 Mar 1877

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    Thanks for Orchids [2d ed.].

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    Does not feel his abstract of Cross and self-fertilisation [Am. J. Sci. 3d ser. 13 (1877): 125–41] was thorough enough.

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    Has heard of their sad bereavement last autumn [death of Amy, wife of Francis Darwin].


Herbarium of Harvard University, | Botanic Garden, Cambridge, Mass.

March 6 1877

Dear Darwin

I am very thankful for the new Orchid-Book, just received from Murray. But still, if it can be spared from the oversheets, I wish Murray would make up for me the title-form, which I never received, and which would complete the copy you sent me in sheets

I should have ``eviscerated'' this book too for Silliman's Journal, if I had the title-page, and if I was not too crowded with my Fl. N. America work.

You are quite wrong in saying I have taken all good out of the X Fert. book. On the contrary, I was reproaching myself for leaving so much untouched

But my object in writing this line, is to say that only yesterday, my good wife, in calling upon the Norton's, was told by Madame Norton of the sad bereavement in your family last autumn. They supposed we knew of it. But Hooker was too much occupied in the happy rehabilitation of his own family to remember to tell me. My good wife—who remembers you all with undiminished affection—desires to send, with mine, sincerest sympathy.

In haste, as ever, | Yours | A. Gray

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