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Volume 22 (1874) just published

Volume 22 of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin is now available.  Find out what Darwin was up to in 1874: I feel as old as Methusalem; but not much in mind except that I think one takes everything more quietly, … Continue reading

Congratulations, Wedgwood Museum

It is very good news that the Wedgwood archive and pottery collection  has been bought for the nation.  The Darwins and Wedgwoods were so intermarried, it was a Wedgwood family joke that the Darwins were more Wedgwood than Darwin. Charles … Continue reading

Even boils can be romantic

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we were very pleased to be asked to join in BBC Radio 3′s The Verb, to talk about how Darwin signed off his letters (no kisses).  You can hear two of Darwin’s letters to his wife, … Continue reading

We’ll need a considerably bigger bookshelf

The letters Darwin wrote and received in 1873 – all 558 of them – are now available in volume 21 of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin.   We are delighted to announce that our latest volume was published on 23 … Continue reading

5000 letter images go online

We are collaborating with the Cambridge Digital Library to publish images of 1200 letters exchanged by Darwin with his closest friend, Joseph Dalton Hooker – more than 5000 images in total.  This is the single largest publication of images of … Continue reading

“Get to know Darwin” – a student’s-eye view

Reading Darwin’s correspondence is the best way to meet him, both as a scientist and as an individual. We have just launched the first modules in a new set of resources to help students – in and out of formal … Continue reading

Darwin, environmental tinkering and a tale of two bees

We have a new page in our ‘Darwin and Life Science’ section for World Environment Day on 5 June.  Inspired by the sight of a bee that only arrived in the UK in the last ten years, and by the … Continue reading

The importance of having the right Beard

No, not the famous beard belonging to Charles himself, but the right member of the Beard family, two generations of whom were artists in or around New York in the nineteenth century.   A short while ago we asked for … Continue reading

Rehabilitating Henrietta, or the importance of Data when Dating

A small lockable leather diary in the archive at Cambridge University Library is leading us to reassess one of the key relationships in Charles Darwin’s life.   Volume 19 of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, published today, is making the … Continue reading

One of our caricatures is missing!

[News:  Thanks to Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education, we now think we may be looking for a version of an 1859 painting by William Holbrook Beard called "The Youthful Darwin Expounding his Theories".  Full update to … Continue reading