Talk about Darwin’s Conflict with Samuel Butler

Samuel Butler (1835--1902)

As part of Cambridge Science Festival, the Darwin Correspondence Project’s Alison Pearn will be giving a talk ‘Falling foul of natural selection: Samuel Butler and the Darwins’ on Saturday 17 March at 3.30pm at St John’s College Library, St John’s Street, Cambridge. She will look at the letters exchanged by Charles Darwin and Samuel Butler and chart the disintegration of their relationship, from a shared spirit of intellectual enquiry to a state of personal and public conflict. You can book for the free talk by telephoning 01223 766766, or on the Festival website here.


The event is part of the Butler day at St John’s College, which also includes an exhibition ‘Evolution: The Race to Understanding’, and talks by Ben Irvine at 12pm and Elinor Shaffer at 2pm.



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