Teacher's notes: How Dangerous was Darwin?

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How Dangerous was Darwin?

Activities for: History Key Stage 3 and 4

Darwin finally published On the Origin of Species in 1859 but had been amassing information for many years. Why did he publish then and what was the impact? This pack explores the context of Darwin’s publication through letters exchanged before and after he published.

Materials in this pack:

This resource pack provides edited letters to and from Charles Darwin, contextual images, diary entries and selected texts to enable you to:

- understand the context of Darwin’s publication On the Origin of Species
- evaluate the letters as a source of evidence
- describe the chronological series of events leading up to publication
- explore a range of contemporary reactions to his work

Activities include:

-create a mind map depicting the perception of science and religion in Darwin’s day
- give an account of Darwin’s dilemma in diary format and as if writing a school text book
- write a postcard describing the events of the Oxford meeting
- write a short tabloid newspaper article describing the impact of Darwin’s book

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Packs can be used on-line or materials can be downloaded.
The packs contain links to the Darwin Correspondence Project main site and to other relevant sources.