Teacher's notes: Doing Darwin’s Experiments

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Doing Darwin’s Experiments

Activities for: Science Key Stage 3 and 4

On returning from the Beagle Voyage, Darwin carried out most of his scientific work from home, enlisting the support of his family members and  corresponding with colleagues all over the world. Now you can try out some of Darwin’s own experiments.

Materials in this pack:

This resource pack provides edited letters to and from Charles Darwin, contextual images, diary entries and selected texts to enable you to:

- understand how Darwin carried out particular experiments and his thinking behind them
- understand the significance of some the experiments for his theory of natural selection
- carry out the same experiments
- compare results with Darwin

Activities include:

- expose seeds to a variety of conditions to test their viability
- create a weed garden
- design an insectivorous plant
- dissect an owl pellet

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