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Darwin’s Scientific Women

In Darwin’s lifetime women were expected to mainly become wives and mothers but his letters reveal a surprising range of careers that women carried out beyond the home. Women contributed to Darwin’s scientific work in a variety of ways and his … Continue reading

Saltwater Seeds at Harvard!

One of the most fascinating things about Darwin’s science is how he used simple experiments to help him understand larger ideas. While Darwin was travelling around the world on HMS Beagle, he asked himself, why would plants on islands be … Continue reading

‘If it was not for sea-sickness the whole world would be sailors.’

During Darwin’s five year Beagle voyage he spent many months on land, collecting specimens. It seems, from his letters and diary entries, that this must have provided great relief as he suffered terribly from sea-sickness. He writes to his father at the begnning of the voyage: … Continue reading

Picking Scientific Minds

  Last month,  PGCE Biology students from the University of Cambridge’s Education Department applied their fresh and enquiring minds to the question of how to create Key Stage 3-5 science resources based on Darwin’s own experiments. Some were issued with … Continue reading

Cumbria pupils take charge

A class of Year 9 English pupils from Ulverston Victoria High school have been using Darwin’s letters to find out more about his personality, the way he worked and who he worked with. Teacher Alison Smith began the study without … Continue reading

There’s more to Darwin than the £10 note.

Welcome to the first post of the Darwin Correspondence Project’s schools blog! At a recent Schools Masterclass as part of the  Science Festival, pupils were asked to name what they knew about Darwin. Unsurprisingly the most common association was with … Continue reading