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From R. F. Cooke   18 August 1871

50A, Albemarle Street, London. W.

Augt. 18 1871

My dear Sir

In Mr. Murray’s absence, I beg to reply to your letter & say, that altho’ as a rule, we do not publish pamphlets, yet we have made exceptions & I am sure Mr Murray will not object to publishing the one you propose & therefore by all means forward the copy to Messrs. Clowes & Sons.1

We have not printed any more of the “Descent of Man” for there was rather a lull in the sale & out of the last 2000 Copies, on June 30th we had 825 copies left, so that we had given Messrs Clowes permission to distribute the type—but strange to say, a few days afterwards, a fresh demand sprung up & we have sold 200 copies & so I told Clowes to hold their hand for the present.2

I am sorry to hear you have been poorly but hope the rain of last night has both refreshed you & the country.

Mr Murray & family are in Scotland, but return the end of next week3

Yours faithfully | Robt. Cooke

Did you see the review of “Descent” in the Guardian?4

Chas. Darwin Esq


See letter to John Murray, 17 August [1871] and n. 3.
See letter to John Murray, 17 August [1871] and n. 8.
Murray and his wife, Marion, were of Scottish descent (ODNB).
The anonymous review was published in the Anglican weekly journal the Guardian on 2 August 1871, pp. 935–6. There is a copy in DAR 226.2: 82.1.


RC is sure Murray would not object to printing the pamphlet [C. Wright’s Darwinism: being an examination of Mr. St. G. J. Mivart’s "Genesis of species"].

After a lull in sales of Descent, a fresh demand warrants keeping type set up. Has CD seen the review of Descent in the Guardian?

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Letter no.
Cooke, R. F.; John Murray, Publishers
Darwin, C. R.
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London, Albemarle St, 50a
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DAR 171: 401
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