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Letter 9616

Marshall, Theodosia to Darwin, C. R.

[Sept 1874]


Sends count of remains on Pinguicula leaves.


I counted 20 or 24 remains on various leaves, up to moths & active beetles—& good big spiders—& ants—(if our friend gets away—) The best were always in exposed places—on the edge of bank 4 ft. above road—not in marshy hollows—I suppose we saw 200 plants—in ½ mile stroll—

I hope they will recover & be posted when this goes—tomorrow— It is awfully nice for us (Father & me) to have anything to look out for—or that we can observe & we are very hard upon each others ideas—tho respecting each others facts sufficiently—not implicitly—so do set us some more, if you can—of anything I can observe

Have not yr Pinguiculas caught any flies, since they do so well?

I am not sure of any seeds, but think I found several—& ends of Free flowers stick there— I’m not sure of seed, ½ seeds & remains will be washed off but will gladly send another lot—if it wd. be of any use to you—or satisfaction.

Do you suppose the plant wants to eat the seeds? or that these survive its decay—& grow? I enclose one seed pod of its own— Grass seed I found fixed by position—if no suction had been there—

Please excuse so long & ill written a letter—

Old Sir G Airey has been in—full of Venus’ transit & his 9 stations—

Hoping the leaves will arrive well & that you’ll give us further commissions

  I am yrs. truly | Theodosia Marshall


DAR 58.1: 124


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