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Letter 8701

Lubbock, E. F. to Darwin, C. R.



Observations on her pet cat.


Dear Mr. Darwin

You are kind enough to say, I am an observer, which I fear I am not, and could never be really, on account of my short sight. But may I ask if you notice that the longhaired cats like to be stroked the wrong way? & that they wag their tails when pleased?

My first Angora cat (I am not sure where its country is, but it was called Angora) is now possessed by Mr. Lowe,f2 & is a magnificent creature. It wagged its tail when pleased, & preferred to have its fur rubbed the wrong way. So does my present cat, which is of a real good breed.

Most likely you will think, as Amyf3 said when she was quite a small child & I had told her some things about animals “I knowed all that, a long time ago.”

John is gone to Maidstone today: he seems to catch it on all sides

DAR 170: 14



The year is conjectured on the supposition that this letter was inspired by Expression, which was published in November 1872 (Freeman 1977).
Robert Lowe.
Amy Harriet Lubbock was Ellen and John Lubbock’s eldest daughter.
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