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Letter 8701

Lubbock, E. F. to Darwin, C. R.



Observations on her pet cat.


Dear Mr. Darwin

You are kind enough to say, I am an observer which I fear I am not, and could never be really, on account of my short sight. But may I ask if you notice that the longhaired cats like to be stroked the wrong way? & that they wag their tails when pleased?

My first Angora cat (I am not sure where its country is, but it was called Angora) is now possessed by Mr. Lowe, & is a magnificent creature. It wagged its tail when pleased, & preferred to have its fur rubbed the wrong way. So does my present cat, which is of a real good breed.

Most likely you will think, as Amy said when she was quite a small child & I had told her some things about animals ‘I knowed all that, a long time ago.’

John is gone to Maidstone today: he seems to catch in all sides

DAR 170: 14


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