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Letter 8465f

Darwin, C. R. to Scott, John

12 Aug 1872


Acknowledges a box of worm-casts from India and a bottle of worms in spirits. There is no memorandum.

His book on expression is finished and includes valuable information from JS.


Down, Beckenham, Kent,

Aug. 12, 1872.

My Dear Sir,—

I received from Kew about a week ago some boxes with worm castings, no doubtsent by you; but I have found no memorandum enclosed.f1 Some of these castingsfrom South India are quite gigantic, and others seem very extraordinary; but Ihave not as yet looked at all of them. There is also a bottle with worms inspirits. As on so many former occasions, you have taken infinite pains tooblige me, and the materials seem wonderfully complete. But I am very anxiousfor some information with respect to these specimens; and I hope no letter hasmiscarried, for this would be a very great loss to me.

I have almost finished printing my volume on expression, which will not bepublished until November. I will then send you a copy, in which you will seehow valuable your observations have been to me.f2

With very sincere thanks,—Believe me, Yours truly, | Ch. Darwin.

There is also a block of grey consolidated earth. Also a tin box with pelletslike shot.

Transactions of the Hawick Archæological Society (1908): 69



After receiving observations on worms fromScott, CD had requested further information specifically on castingsand burrowing behaviour (see letter from John Scott, 22 March 1872, andletter to John Scott, 15 April [1872]). The box had been forwardedfrom the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (letter to J. D. Hooker, 4 August [1872]).
Expression was published on 26 November 1872 (Freeman 1977). Scott had supplied CD with extensive observations on emotionalexpression in India (see Correspondence vol. 16, letter from JohnScott, 4 May 1868, and Correspondence vol. 17, letters from John Scott, 2 July 1869 and 21 December 1869). His name is on the presentation listfor Expression (Appendix IV).
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