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Letter 7765f

Darwin, C. R. to Bates, H. W.

[22 May 1870]


Explains why he has declined writing a review for Messrs Appleton.




My dear Bates

I have heard from Mr Appleton, but I have written to him to say that I amvery sorry that I must decline undertaking the Review, which however, I fullygrant is very desirable.—f2 I have had no practice & it wd take me muchtime; nor do I know that I shd. succeed. But my chief reason is that I really have not a grain of spare strength, & have come down here now for 2 or 3 daysto try & rest.f3 You wd. not readily believe how often & urgently I am pressed towrite articles— a week ago a most urgent request from one who hadmuch claim; shortly before another;f4 & it is an immense relief to me tobe able to say that I never write reviews.— So I am very sorry,but must decline, even though you recommend it—

My dear Bates | Yours very sincerely | Ch Darwin

PS If you can let me see an old Proof of your sentences on Man, I shdreally very much like to read them—f5

Julian Browning Autographs (List, September 2000); MaggsBros 2001, Cat. 1303



The date is established by the relationship between this letter,the letter from C. E. C. B. Appleton, 18 May [1870], and the letter from H. W. Bates, 20 May1870, and by the dates of CD’s visit to Cambridge. The only Sundayduring CD’s trip to Cambridge was 22 May 1870 (see n. 3, below).
See letter from C. E. C. B. Appleton, 18 May [1870]. CD’s reply toCharles Edward Cutts Birchall Appleton has not been found.
CD was in Cambridge from 20 to 24 May 1870 (see ‘Journal’ (AppendixII)).
These letters have not been found.
See letter from H. W. Bates, 20 May 1870 and n. 3.
A facsimile of the first and last pages appeared on the website ofJulian Browning Autographs (giving the text down to and including ‘nordo I’ and from ‘reviews.—’ A transcription of the letter text and afacsimile of the valediction and postscript appeared the Maggs Bros catalogue.
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