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Letter 7166a

Darwin, C. R. to Kölliker, R. A. von

18 Apr [1870]


Has sent off specimens of Virgularia but fears they are in bad state. He could not find his dried specimens. Encloses notes that can be relied upon but may be of little use.

Also encloses a memorandum for Prof. K. G. Semper.

CD thinks Alcide d’Orbigny may have given name of Virgularia pectagonica.

CD enjoyed RAvK’s recent visit [see 7164].


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Apr 18th

My dear Profr. Kölliker

I sent off by Rail some specimen of Virgularia, on Saturday, but Ifear they are in a very bad state.f2 I cannot find my driedspecimens. I now enclose my notes, which I fear will be of littleuse, but I think may be relied on.—f3

I also enclose a memorandum for Prof. Semper; but pray tell him they are onlysuch notes as a school-boy might make.— The specimen may not be worth hisexamination.—f4

I think it possible that Alcide d’Orbigny may have given name of VirgulariapatagonicaQQQQ.—f5

It was very good of you to take the trouble to pay me a visit, & I enjoyedmuch making your acquaintance.—f6

Pray believe me | Yours very sincerely | Ch. Darwin

In my old notes I have inter-polated only one new remark between(        )

John Gittleman (private collection)



The year is established by the reference to Kölliker’s visit toDown (see n. 6, below).
Virgularia is a member of the order Pennatulacea, sea pens.
CD may refer to his zoological notes from the Beagle voyage; seeDAR 30: 106–11 (R. D. Keynes ed. 2000, pp. 96–100).
CD refers to Karl Gottfried Semper. The notes and specimen have notbeen identified.
CD discussed Virgularia patagonica (now considered a ‘nomennudem’, that is, invalid because the name is based on lost or inadequate specimens) in Journal ofresearches 2d ed., pp. 99–100. He refers to Alcide Charles VictorDessalines d’Orbigny.
Kölliker visited Down on 15 April 1870 (see letters from AlbertGünther, [c. 9 April 1870] and 12 April 1870).
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