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Letter 587

Darwin, C. R. to Gray, G. R.

[Feb 1841]

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    In a revise [of Birds] CD has altered "Colaptes Chilensis Vigors" to "Chrysoptilus Chilensis G. R. Gray". Is that right?


[12 Upper Gower Street]


My dear Sir

In the two last proofs, you have called one ground-woodpecker Chrysoptilus campestris & the second you left “Colaptes Chilensis Vigors”.— I have altered this to “Chrysoptilus Chilensis G. R. Gray”— Is this right.?— You need not look at any other part of this Revise.— Will you <plea>se leave these sheets, as you <retu>rn home.—

Yours most truly | C. Darwin

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    ‘Colaptes Chilensis Vigors’ was retained (Birds, p. 114). CD's note reads: ‘It is closely related in habits and structure to the foregoing species [Chrysoptilus campestris], and appears to be its representative on the western side of the Cordillera; hence I cannot but think the institution of the above two genera unfortunate.’
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