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Letter 5834A

Darwin, C. R. to Lonsdale, William

1 Feb [1868]

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    Thanks WL for sending congratulations [on George Darwin's attaining Second Wrangler].

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    Relays news about Sedgwick's condition.

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    Has finished a large book on variation.


Down, Bromley, | Kent, S.E.;

Feb. 1st.

My Dear Lonsdale,

It was very kind of you to send me such hearty congratulations and the newspaper. Our son's success, as you may believe, has delighted us. It was a pleasure to me to see your handwriting again and it is very little altered from old times. I am very sorry to hear so poor an account of your health. What a life of suffering you have led! You speak of Sedgwick in your letter; I hear from my son that though he looks extremely old, he seems cheerful, and talks to a wonderful degree. He has at last given up lecturing, and it is a pity, from all I hear, that he did not take this step earlier.

My own health is considerably better, and though not free from discomfort I am able to do a fair share of work in Natural History. I have just published a rather large book on the variation of domesticated animals and plants; but I do not think it would interest you, even if you had strength to read it.

I shall always retain very pleasant recollections of our former intercourse, and I earnestly hope that your health may cause you less suffering.

Believe me, my dear Lonsdale, | Yours very sincerely, | Charles Darwin.

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    f1 5834a.f1
    The year is established by the reference to George Howard Darwin's examination success (see n. 2, below).
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    f2 5834a.f2
    George Darwin had achieved second place in the final examination for the mathematical tripos at Cambridge University in January (Cambridge University calendar). Lonsdale's letter and the newspaper have not been found.
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    f3 5834a.f3
    Lonsdale had assisted CD with his research on fossil corals (see Volcanic islands, pp. 138, 161--9). CD had contributed to a fund when Lonsdale retired for reasons of ill health in 1842. See Correspondence vol. 2.
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    f4 5834a.f4
    Adam Sedgwick.
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    f5 5834a.f5
    CD refers to Variation.
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