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Letter 3074

Innes, J. B. to Darwin, C. R.

[before 6 Apr 1861]

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    A bee's sting always remains behind.


with spiteful little savages. I think a bee never gets his sting withdrawn from human skin. I have often been stung and not touched them and the sting, if really inserted, has always remained behind. <    > withdraw the sting with no difficulty—

We have only three weeks now to remain in these comfortable quarters. We shall go with much regret   We have made some plans. <    > I do

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    f1 3074.f1
    The identity of the correspondent is given by CD's annotation.
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    Dated by the relationship to the letter from John D. Glennie Jr, 6 April 1861.
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    f3 3074.f3
    Innes, having been unable to secure accommodation in Down village the previous year, was living elsewhere (see Correspondence vol. 8, letters to John Innes, 18 July [1860], 6 September [1860], 11 September [1860], and 28 December [1860]).
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