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Letter 3061A

Darwin, C. R. to Kippist, Richard

13 Feb [1861?]

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    Gives notice of returning books by a carrier and thanks for assistance.

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    Asks whether Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville's Ostéographie (1839–64) includes rabbits or hares.


Down, Kent

Feb. 13th

… ``I will send tonight by our Carrier all the Books in Hand in an old Portmanteau (which please return) so … they will come safely.

With sincere thanks for your vy. kind assistance. | C. Darwin''

``I suppose De Blainville's Osteographie does not include Rabbits or Hares, as I much wish to see such if it were ever published.''

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    Kippist was librarian of the Linnean Society of London, from which CD often borrowed works that he needed to consult for his research.
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    The year is suggested by the 1859 watermark of the stationery and by CD's reference to the carrier's leaving `tonight'. George Snow ran a carrier service between Down and London that left Down at 2 A.M. every Thursday morning (Post Office directory of the six home counties 1862). In 1861, 13 February fell on a Wednesday. This date is further confirmed by the reference to `Rabbits and Hares'. In 1861, CD was preparing the chapter on variation in rabbits for Variation (see `Journal'; Appendix II).
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    f3 3061a.f3
    George Snow. See n. 2, above.
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    f4 3061a.f4
    See letter to Richard Kippist, 7 January [1861]. It is not known which books from the Linnean Society CD was returning.
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    f5 3061a.f5
    Blainville 1839--64.
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