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Letter 2930A

Lyell, Charles to Darwin, C. R.

27 Sept 1860

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    Fears that multiple origin of the domestic dog will be extended to mammals or man. Believes, with Hooker, that whatever occurs in domestication is possible in nature.


27th. Septr. 1860

-- I am haunted with a kind of misgiving, which bye & bye I shall be able to express more clearly—that the multiple origin of the dog will furnish an argument for the multiple origin of a Mammal, or of Man. Do try to consider it that way, for I incline to go far with Hooker (& with you?) in believing that whatever is true in domestication is essentially possible in Nature also, & I am not sure that you confine the multiple origin of the dog to Man's selection.

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    The text of the letter is taken from a copy in Lyell's scientific journal. It is also printed in Wilson ed. 1970, p. 496.
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