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Letter 2704A

Pictet de la Rive, F. J. to Darwin, C. R.

19 Feb 1860

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    Believes Origin makes science "young, clear, elevated" but does not have the facts to prove that cumulated slight modifications could ever produce different families from common ancestors. [See 2709.]



19. Feby. 1860

Your book makes science young clear, elevated, but no facts

to prove that principle that slight modification multiplied by any factor of time no matter how long could reach the character of families &c or cd. produce profound modifics. in organization.—

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    f1 2704a.f1
    Pictet de la Rive's letter has not been found. The text has been transcribed from Charles Lyell's scientific journal. It is also printed in Wilson ed. 1970, p. 354. The entry in Lyell's journal is headed: `Pictet to C. Darwin, Geneva 19 Feby.1860'.
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    CD sent Pictet de la Rive a presentation copy of Origin (see Appendix III). CD had been impressed by the discussion of the species question in Pictet de la Rive 1853--7 and thought that Pictet might be swayed by his theory. See Correspondence vol. 7, letters to F. J. Pictet de la Rive, 11 November [1859], and 24 December [1859].
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